16th October: Integrating the Cross-cultural Dimensions into Leadership and Coaching

  • Explore your cultures and how they affect your leadership or coaching through and inductive activity

  • (Re)connect with the wisdom in your cultures and discover lessons from others to address complex changes

  • Debrief the COF online questionnaire: individual and aggregate results, assets and developmental opportunities are discussed both for individual and group progress

  • Engage in a Diverse Team development action-learning project throughout the workshop

17th October: Leading and Coaching of Individuals, Teams and Organizations

  • Role-play challenging scenarios. A chance to practice and Exchange developmental feedback

  • Experiential activities: an opportunity to highlight our inevitable cultural biases and show ways to go beyond present cultural limitations

  • Case study (a cross-cultural merger): participants work individually and collectively to come to problem-solving consensus

18th October: Engaging in Your Own High-performance and High-fullfilment Journey

  • Group projects presentations: articulate findings and discuss process

  • Case study (a complex case of individual coaching): participants discuss their approach and a multiple perspectives model is shared to unleash new growth opportunities

  • Participants engage in a self-assessment and become familiar with a goal-setting process that enables global success

  • Peer-coaching: help each other articulate developmental objectives and action plans. Integrate insights and feed-back gained during the seminar into the process